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Future airports

After a several decades, searching for lost boarding passes and queues at the airport will go to the past. By the 2040th, familiar for us flight process will replace by biometric tickets, fast scanners of molecular security and virtual assistants.

Airport Parking and Hotels (APH) Company, specializing on development of services for airports around the world, made an interesting research how may look and operate international airports through 25 years.

By the 2040th, according to the research, passenger identification will be online with using biometric marker which replaces passport, boarding pass and other documents confirming the identity of the person.

Instead of metal detectors will be the molecular laser scanners. All items of luggage will be provided with a chip, which allow minimizing the amount of baggage loss.

The problem of information and nescience of languages will disappear too: the touch screens and virtual assistants, which means the automatic translation can give the passenger the necessary information in their own native language will expected.

Full article: http://pitert.ru/news/aeroporty-budushchego-bio

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