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The Touch Museum will be opened in St. Petersburg.

The Museum will start work at the 25th of January in a new interactive space «World in touch» placed in Bolshoy Av., 84.

The organizers offer an "entertaining and educational program in the darkness."

On the 500 m2 area were arranged the five zones: the city tactile museum, classroom, café, kitchen and room of sound.

The first space of this project «World in touch» appeared in St. Petersburg in September 2015th .

One day life of a blind man was simulated there.

Attendance of the space per month is 6 thousand people.

In 2015th, the project «World in touch» was recognized like "The best social project".

In the project «World in touch» throughout Russia officially employed 40 disabled people, 20 of them are aged 22 to 47 years old.

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